John Cleal, Crime Review

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[…] ‘The Body in the Boat is a fast-moving story involving smuggling, fraud, corruption, bank failure, drug trafficking, treason, espionage and murder all set in the misty, feverish, Romney Marshes – and it adds up to a clever and gripping atmospheric page turner.‘ […]

Susan McDuffie, Historical Novel Society

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I thoroughly enjoyed this historical mystery. The characters, both major and minor, are well drawn, interesting, complex, and true to the era. The plot intrigues, and the writing skillfully draws the reader into this world of smugglers on the mist-shrouded Kentish coast. This is the third Hardcastle and Chaytor mystery. Readers can easily pick up any necessary backstory in this volume, but will most likely want to seek out the two earlier cases after reading this one. The Reverend Hardcastle and Mrs Chaytor seem well worthy of a prolonged acquaintance! Recommended.

Clive, Whispering Stories

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[…]’From the opening pages the book has intense atmosphere. I loved the mood that was generated by the isolation of the marsh with its sparse population, declining harbours and its contrasts to the relatively prosperous surrounding higher ground. Mackenzie also provides excellent detail of banking at that time and of the judiciary prior to the police forces as we know them today.‘[…]

Kate, For Winter Nights

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[…] ‘The Body in the Boat is the third Hardcastle and Chaytor mystery by A.J. MacKenzie, a series that does such a fine job of bringing Georgian Kent to life, with its long stretches of beach and picturesque villages. I love the descriptions of country life, the journeys made my horse, gig or boat, and the dependence of villagers on one another.
[…] I really enjoyed The Body in the Boat. There is a comfort in reading a historical mystery such as this, with such wonderful settings and characters. But I also like to think that I’m learning something and I certainly do with these books.’

Terry Halligan, Euro Crime

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[…] ‘I was very impressed by the quality of the research and the historical detail of this well plotted and highly atmospheric story. The characters are all richly drawn and full of period detail. The rich plot kept me guessing until the final page and I look forward to reading further stories by these really very gifted authors. Most strongly recommended.

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