By Treason

One lone detective faces down a twisted medieval web of spies and intrigue. October, 1338.

A great war has begun, one that will define Europe for a century.

King’s Messenger Simon Merrivale returns to England in disgrace, his life barely intact, after a bid to create a pro-English state in Savoy goes disastrously wrong.

With the battle lines drawn, a new and overwhelming threat emerges. King Edward III has assembled an uneasy alliance of European powers to enforce his claim to the throne of France.

But corruption is rife both at home and abroad, emptying the king’s war chest.┬áLack of money could cripple everything that has been built.

Enemies lie hidden amongst the ranks of friends. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Faced with the difficult task of not only discovering the traitors but recovering his position and respect, Merrivale has a complex and potentially deadly mission at hand.

For if just one conspirator escapes justice, all will fall.

By Treason We Perish is the fourth in The Simon Merrivale Mysteries series

By Treason We Perish